Facile Dashboard
Authentication Experiences
Username + Password HTML Form with Social
Risk-based MFA
'Simple' -> Risk Decision -> Step-Up (Medium+)
ID Verification
Registration with Liveness & Gov ID validation
User Identifier -> Step-Up
Authentication API
External Logon with Widget or AuthN API Explorer
Log Off
Single Log Off for current user

Profile Management
Self-Service Account Management
Grant Management
Self-Service OIDC Grant Management
PingOne Application Portal
Authenticated User App Portal
Access Managed - Headers
Identity data mapped into Headers
Access Managed - Basic SPA
SPA offloading of authn, session, and API secrets to PingAccess
Access Managed - Consent Capture SPA
SPA demonstrating PD Consent API with PA managing tokens
Access Managed - Consent Enforcement SPA
SPA demonstrating PingAuthorize with PA managing tokens
Delegated Administrator
Administrative delegation of Data Management

Development Tools
Directory Utility
Access to Data Store objects (dataadmin \ 2FederateM0re)
Release Logs
View the Release logs in an ELK stack (logviewer \ 2FederateM0re)
PingOne API Security
Intelligence \ Authorization (p1apisecurity \ 2FederateM0re!)
PingOne Webhooks
View webhooks being sent from PingOne

Sample Users

OIDC Token Decoder
Risk-based MFA
Authentication API

Delegated Adminstrators
administrator2FederateM0reSuper User
useradmin2FederateM0reUsers (ou=People)
groupadmin2FederateM0reGroups (ou=Groups)
partneradmin2FederateM0rePartner Onboarding (OUs \ Groups \ Users)
p1admin2FederateM0rePartner 1 Admin (o=partners,ou=partner1)

Facile Architecture

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